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New York Medical Mission to Nicaragua

Team Updates 2014

Updates on the NICNY Team 2014

February 18 - February 27

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See You Next Year, Nicaragua!

Posted by on February 26, 2014 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (6)

It has been a wonderful nine days! We served 713 patients, 943 Nicaraguans received Ropa items, and our pharmacy dispensed over 2800 prescriptions! We are humbled to have been vessels of God's love and Central New York's generosity. With a bit of sadness we said goodbye and 'see you next year' to our Globe International hosts and our missionary friends. ¡Adios amigos!

First "Free" Day : Zipline Fun

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Today's zip line fun! It was difficult to distinguish between the nearby howler monkeys and the hooping and hollaring of the team!

First "Free" Day : Masaya Volcano Park

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We packed a lot of fun into our first full 'free' day! These are pictures from our stop at the Masaya Volcano Park. It's an active volcano with warning and evacuation signs all over. It was humbling to look into the sulfer clouds straight down into a volcano! And the view from on top of the volcano was breathtaking!

Jinotega to Los Cedros

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Today we took a little day trip to a pottery shop, then on to a cemetery then to a coffee shop. After a quick lunch and team pictures, it was time to say adios to our friends at the Jinotega orphanage. We traveled to Los Cedros and arrived hot and very tired. It was 91 earlier but it's nice now, still with a strong breeze. As our devotion meditation suggested tonight, we are continually surprised at the sites and our experiences!

Last Clinic Day!

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Our last clinic day was held right here at the orphanage. We got to sleep in, set up, and we still started seeing patients before 9am. We saw 213 patients and our Ropa store served 268. We gave out all the rest of our supplies of clothing, toothbrushes, cloth diapers and toys. It was a beautiful sunny breezy day and we had a lot of fun today. At Team meeting, we said goodbye and thank you to our Director of Pharmacy, James LaBarre. He goes to school in Costa Rica and must get back for classes. At devotions we offered up prayers and thoughts of thanksgiving for the countless Central New Yorkers who made our journey possible.

Magic Number: THIRTEEN

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Thirteen year old Team Member Corey Evans, and thirteen year old orphanage kid Adan.

Adan had severe scoliosis as a young boy and had to have corrective surgery to save his life. When our teams first came to this orphanage, he could barely walk and mostly relied on people to carry him even at ages 5-6. Now he is an active, happy and smart young man.

Clinic Day Three - A Couple of Our Patients!

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A two month old infant weighing 3.9 kg (about 9 lbs).

For those of you who don't know, an average two month old (50th percentile) should weigh around 5 kg (~11 lbs).  Weighing in at 3.9 kg, this baby is just below the 25th percentile for a one month old boy and in the 2nd percentile for a two month old girl.  In short, that baby is very tiny.

We also saw an 86 year old lady who was so very proud- both of the picture of herself that we gave her, and her 'new' shoes. The shoes she had worn to clinic were threadbare and falling apart. Our Ropa store had no shoes anywhere near her size. Team member Cheryl Palmer selflessly removed her own shoes and gave them to her. We watched as the older lady cleaned the dirt from her old shoes, carefully placed them in her bag and proudly put on Cheryl's gift.

Clinic Day Three

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Despite some chilly rain, it was a great clinic day. We served 161 patients, while our ropa store gave out clothing, toothbrushes, uniforms & cloth diapers to 229 people.

Clinic Day Two

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Day 2 of clinics: We served 157 people (and 207 in Ropa/clothing). Everything went very well. We have more than enough meds so we were pretty disappointed when many people with tickets didn't come to our clinic. There was a misty rain during the afternoon and we went through rain on the way back to the orphanage. After clinic we took a little bus ride into town to buy snacks at the 'Super Guadalupe' grocery store.

Clinic Day One

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Team did great today! We treated 182 patients, about half were kids. Although we came here to serve others, everyone agrees it was a very rewarding day for all of us. Our younger newbies Billy & Corey really had a good time although they said it wasn't quite what they expected. Everyone worked very well together!  La Ropa, where we hand out the clothing and other donations, saw 239 people!

One of the father-son pairs, Steve and Corey, played basketball in the Orphanage gym.  The wall reads "Jesus Wins."  :)

Kim and Tom keep the parmacy up and running!