New York Medical Mission to Nicaragua


New York Medical Mission to Nicaragua

Wednesday February 17 - All Aboard!

During Greg's pre-take off words of wisdom.

Greg made special badges for those special people Away Team members leave behind.

The New York Delegation of the 2016 NICNY team.  Time to board!

Team Leader Sue and Photographer Sue eagerly await the arrival of the rest of the Team.  They participated in a mission last week too!!

Thursday February 18 - Travel and Preparation

The Team made it safely to Nicaragua! They had to run to catch their flight in Chicago but they made it and things went smoothly getting through customs in Managua. This morning they'll be riding the old school bus for 2-3 hours to go to the Children's Home in Jinotega. We'll have our Pill Packing Party to dose out all our medicines and vitamins into little plastic bags to give to our patients.

Friday February 19 - Clinic Day 1


We had a great first day of clinic! We were able to serve 222 patients today! All of our patients received vitamins, medicines, clothing, vegetable seeds and toothbrushes. The kids received cars or other toys. The Team worked well together and we had a great time!

The weather kept changing from cloudy and light rain to sunny and back to drizzle again.

Sharon made these dolls! The little girls love them! (The big girls on the Team love them too!)
Our three pharmacists worked well together!
A birdseye view of Greg seeing a couple patients. The coffee plantation had two floors of large rooms for us to use.
All afternoon this little girl hugged the bear she received.

Saturday February 20 - Clinic Day 2


This Mission Team is awesome!
Up at 5:30am, set up clinic in the rain, and served 307 patients today!!! Our last patient wore snowpants to clinic! It was so muddy, the roads near impassable at times, in fact we took a one hour detour to get back to the Children's Home. Arrived back at 7:00pm for a late supper, now to pack up to do it again tomorrow!

Sunday February 21, 2016 - Clinic Day 3


Our Mission Team served 277 patients today, for a total of 807 in three clinic days. When we arrived at the Health Clinic where we set up, there was already a long line of 60 or 80 people. One lady told us she had been waiting since 6am!
Our littlest patient was an 8 lb three-month-old in such respiratory distress that he and his mamacita (mommy) rode on our bus and we took them to the hospital in Jinotega. He was suffering from serious neglect as well as a very pronounced heart murmur. So proud of the numerous team members and translators who worked so hard to teach that 15-year-old mother as much as we could.

Monday February 22, 2016

This morning we said goodbye to our friends in the mountains of Jinotega and rode our old school bus down to the orphanage at Los Cedros. On the way, we enjoyed a typical Nica meal at a restaurant overlooking a volcanic lake. Beautiful breezes, and a breathtaking view!
We stopped in Masaya Market and enjoyed finding souvenirs and haggling with the Nica vendors.

Tuesday February 23, 2016

This Team was absolutely the best group of people! We had plans all week that changed moment to moment and yet everyone remained flexible, and always ready for the next detour in this adventure.
This morning our bus had a flat tire before we could even load up. Our translators had numerous car problems on their way to the orphanage including their own flat tire.
We couldn't make it to the Rum Factory for our tour so we brainstormed new beach ideas. We ended up staying at a very posh resort for the day, Montelimar. We enjoyed swimming in the pools and the the ocean, an all you can eat buffet, and the best part: our last team meeting IN THE POOL!

Tuesday February 23, 2016 - 11:23pm

**FYI to our families!**
United Airlines has canceled one of our flights already. We expect to get into the US ok but after that flight . . we'll let you know. One more unexpected twist in this adventure!

Friday February 26, 2016 - 1am

After even more twists and turns, everyone is finally home safe and sound in their beds.  Thank you for all your support for our mission this year!  And now begins the work for 2017!