New York Medical Mission to Nicaragua


New York Medical Mission to Nicaragua

NICNY History

The journey to the creation of what is now known as the New York Medical Mission to Nicaragua started with a simple email in late 2005.
Greg Wright received an email from Illinois looking for one more provider (medical professional) for their team going down to Nicaragua at the end of January 2006.  After some thought and much discussion with his wife, Greg decided that he was called to go on this mission.  He met the rest of the team in the Atlanta airport before their last connecting fight to Nicaragua.  The team flew back Super Bowl weekend.  Greg was not prepared for the changes the last week and a half of experiences had made.  The world hadn't changed, but he sure had. 
The Illinois team again went down to Nicaragua in 2007, though Greg did not join them for a variety of reasons.  2009 saw Greg and his coworker Sue traveling with the Illinois team, take copious amounts of notes, preparing to bring their own team the next year.


Today, Greg and Sue lead their own team of 20 other providers and volunteers down to Nicaragua.  During the week in Nicaragua, they see between 800 and 1200 patients, handing out pain medication and essential vitamins, as well as gently used clothing, shoes, and sometimes glasses, to Nicaraguans who can't afford healthcare.  That's 800-1200 people who do back breaking work, dress in their Sunday best to see the doctor, sometimes walk several hours to get to the clinic, and then patiently wait for hours no matter the weather, just to be seen and receive medication and vitamins that will last them a month.
In 2013, Sue and Greg took along a handful of teenagers involved in the Rotary club.  They were able to contribute just like any other non-provider.